Richmond Apartment Complex Attack Stuns Community


A shooting attack outside a Richmond apartment complex on Tuesday has stunned Virginia’s capital city. Police responding to the violence six people were injured in the shooting, and one person died from their wounds. Police arrived shortly after 6:30 on Tuesday, finding several of the victims outside the apartment complex with visible gunshot wounds.

The scene of chaos and violence was upsetting, with onlookers fleeing from the violence as police poured in to find the perpetrator. The suspect in the crime remains at large, however, managing to evade arrest and slipping out of the police’s grasp. Two of the victims have been hospitalized and are in critical condition. The remaining victims are being treated for wounds that are not life-threatening.

What Happened?

It’s unclear what, exactly, prompted the attack. Police have stated that the shots were fired on a quad outside the apartment complex. The quad in question is flanked by multiple apartment buildings and across the street from the local high school.

“It’s just a heinous act that baffles the mind as to why anyone would do this in a quad full of children just out enjoying themselves,” says Richmond Police Chief Gerald Smith during a Tuesday press conference. “They had no regard for the individuals that were out there.”

During Smith’s statements, he confirmed that one of the victims in critical condition is a three-month-old baby, highlighting the senselessness and intensity of the violence. According to police, the victims in the case have been described as “innocent bystanders,” and early reports indicate they were simply minding their own business when the unidentified assailant attacked them.

Finding Answers

The police investigation to get to the bottom of the attack is underway. Richmond police have asked anyone with any information about the case to contact them at 804-646-7715. Alternatively, you could also contact the Richmond Crime Stoppers hotline at 804-780-1000.

Gun Violence in the US

As states have lifted restrictions and life is returning to something resembling normal, there has been a troubling return to a normal that most people fear: the return of regular gun violence. The United States has concerningly high rates of gun violence compared to other industrialized countries, according to statistical models.

Many activists have been calling for major gun control reform in the US in light of these numbers. The past year spent in lockdown has made the recent outburst of gun violence that much more shocking for many. However, historically, enacting legislation to curtail gun violence has met with staunch political opposition from lobbyist groups in the US.