Wendy Williams’ Close Friend Accuses Guardian of Neglect, Questions Dementia Diagnosis

Wendy Williams’ trusted confidante has raised concerns about the care provided by the legal guardian overseeing the well-being of the ailing TV host. The close friend, Regina Shell, who has shared a bond with Wendy since the age of 13, expressed reservations about the guardian, Sabrina Morrissey, as she revealed distressing details about Wendy’s access to essential needs, particularly food.

In an interview on Chris Cuomo’s News Nation series, Regina disclosed that Wendy faced challenges in accessing her own funds, requiring permission from the guardian for even basic purchases, including meals. Regina emphasized the severity of the situation, recounting instances where Wendy had to endure prolonged periods without food. This worrisome situation prompted Regina to take proactive measures, such as ordering food for Wendy from across the country.

Regina painted a picture of Wendy’s struggle, stating, “When I was in New York and staying with Wendy in the summer, I noticed… she had no access to her money.” According to Regina, Wendy had to navigate the cumbersome process of seeking approval from the guardian for any financial transaction. Regina recounted the significant delays Wendy faced in receiving ordered meals, leading to extended periods without sustenance.

Expressing her concern, Regina explained how this compelled her to intervene from her home in Los Angeles, arranging food deliveries for Wendy to ensure she received adequate nutrition. She highlighted the breakdown in communication and emphasized Wendy’s sole reliance on the guardian for financial matters.

Regina’s sincere revelation raises questions about the adequacy of Wendy Williams’ care and the effectiveness of the legal guardianship arrangement.