CVS Health Unveils Prescription Drug Pricing Adjustments, Potentially Reducing Costs for Customers

CVS Health is introducing changes to how its prescription drug pricing model works, and that could lead to some savings for customers starting next year.

The health care giant said Tuesday that it will role out a new reimbursement model designed to make costs more predictable at the drugstore counter. The company will start offering it next year to some third-party cash discount card administrators.

Cash discount cards like those offered by GoodRx can give customers a price break on out-of-pocket costs for some prescriptions, depending on the person’s coverage and the drug.

CVS Health drugstores will start using the company’s new CostVantage model more broadly in 2025. It is designed to make drug costs more transparent. It involves a formula based on the cost of the drug, a set markup and then a fee for filling the prescription.