Police Response

Houston Rockets’ Sterling Brown Attacked Outside Strip Club

Sterling Brown, a guard for the Houston Rockets basketball team, was recently injured in an attack outside a strip club. Brown is seen on bodycam footage of officers responding to the scene with his face bloodied, speaking intently with teammate Kevin Porter Jr.

Brown is heavily injured about the face in bodycam footage released on social media, with his injuries including multiple lacerations from the fight he seems to have gotten into. The young basketball star was the subject of concern throughout the day following the attack, with fans and teammates concerned about his health.

Stitches Needed

Brown’s injuries were severe enough to require a trip to the hospital to receive numerous stitches in his face. The attack took place on April 19, but the bodycam footage of the events immediately following the fight were only just made public. Notably, some of the audio in the footage is muted by police, as an investigation into the officers’ conversation with Brown and Porter is ongoing.

Reports indicate that Brown and Porter were visiting the Booby Trap strip club in Miami, as the team was in town to play the Heat that week. After their visit in the club, Brown seems to have accidentally gotten into the wrong van on the way out. He is reported to have gotten into an argument with the unrelated individuals in the van, before they ganged up on him and beat him.

Police Altercation

Adding to Brown’s already contentious day, he then got into an argument with police when they arrived. Authorities allege that Brown and Porter were “belligerent” when police arrived, with Brown resistant to give his information to police. According to the police report, he simply wanted a ride to the hospital and didn’t want to get into the nature of the attack.

There is speculation that the men resisted giving police their info due to restrictions the NBA has placed on visits to clubs this season. Due to the global medical situation that is still ongoing, players in violation of the policy have to miss several games. Porter missed three games with the Rockets as a result of his strip club visit.

Meanwhile, Brown is still on the team’s injured list. His official injuries are listed as left knee soreness, with no mention of the numerous stitches in his face. However, fans are all but certain that his recovery from the group beating is playing no small role in Brown’s extended stint on the injured list.