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London, England - March 14, 2008: Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II smiles during a visit in London.

Queen Elizabeth II Has Died

Queen Elizabeth II, Britain’s longest reigning monarch who served for 70 years, has died at the age of 96. A look at her life and legacy and who is next in line for the throne. Queen Elizabeth II rushed to emergency care earlier in the day Earlier on Thursday, the

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Megalithic stones

Spanish Stonehenge: 500 Standing Stones Discovered at Drought-Hit Dam

All around the world, receding waters due to drought are revealing long-hidden mysteries. A “Spanish Stonehenge,” with over 500 megalithic standing stones believed to date back to 5000 BC, was discovered at a dam in Spain. Drought-hit dam reveals ‘Spanish Stonehenge’ with over 500 megalithic standing stones Spain is currently

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The aerial view of Ukraine's flag in winter

Russia Blames Losses on Ukraine Using US-Created Mutant Super-Soldiers

On Monday, two Russian lawmakers said the Kremlin is investigating the blood of Ukrainian POWs, having already found “evidence” of human experimentation. The lawmakers are accusing the US of creating super-soldiers. Russia accuses Ukraine, US of biologically enhancing soldiers The topic of trans-humanism being used to create super soldiers has

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Mount Vesuvius

US Tourist Trying to Take a Selfie Falls into Volcano

It’s becoming a trend… terrible injuries and even death as people attempt to take selfies in precarious situations. The latest is a US tourist who dropped his phone, reached for it, and fell into a volcano. US tourist falls into volcano while trying to take a selfie It’s a report

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