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Elliot Blair

Family of attorney who died in Mexico says facts aren’t adding up

The family of an attorney who suddenly died in Mexico while celebrating his wedding anniversary says the facts from Mexican officials are contradicting one another and want an independent autopsy in the US. Attorney dies suddenly in Mexico, but how he died is unclear Elliot Blair, a 33-year-old Southern California

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suspect in home invasion

Texas mom shoots burglar through closed bedroom door

A burglar who broke into a Texas home through the garage tried to enter a bedroom where a mother was hiding with her children. She fired through the door, hitting and wounding the suspect, who fled but was caught by cops. A frightening home invasion in Texas In Edinburg, Texas,

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Wendy Duan

Murdered Teacher Met Her Killer on Dating App

A teacher in Texas was found dead in her own backyard, a victim of multiple gunshot wounds. The victim’s mother says her daughter met the alleged killer only a week earlier on a dating app. The suspect was arrested 260 miles away. Teacher found dead in backyard with multiple gunshot

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