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Chloe Campbell

Missing Colorado teen who vanished after HS football game found

A teen vanished after attending a school football game in Colorado. She was last seen looking “intoxicated” with two “sketchy older men,” aside from a disturbing photo received by her parents. She’s now been found alive. What happened? Colorado teen vanishes after HS football game, later seen looking “intoxicated” with

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Joe Biden and Hunter Biden

Ex-Top Intelligence chief admits major parts of Hunter Biden’s laptop REAL

A former DIA Deputy Director is backtracking and now admitting that “significant” parts of Hunter Biden’s laptop “had to be real,” after independent investigations found no evidence of fabrication or tampering. Former top intelligence chief now admits ‘significant’ parts of Hunter Biden’s laptop ‘had to be REAL’ Douglas Wise, a

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Miami Downtown, FL, USA - MAY 31, 2020: George Floyd death: people are protesting and rioting. Justice for George Floyd poster. People took to the streets against cruelty

Ex-Cop who kneeled on George Floyd’s back sentenced to prison

A former Minneapolis cop who kneeled on George Floyd’s back while another officer kneeled on his neck has been sentenced to prison for his participation on charges of aiding and abetting second-degree manslaughter. Other cop involved in George Floyd’s death pleads guilty to manslaughter Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin,

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