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Psychic Claims ‘Vladimir’ Will be ‘Lord of the World’

A psychic famed for predicting Russia’s Kursk nuclear submarine disaster in 1980, who has already made accurate predictions this year, predicted in the past that a Russian named ‘Vladimir’ could become “Lord of the world.” Psychic predicts Russian glory A chilling prediction made by a long-deceased, blind psychic about a

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Alien-Like Creature Washes Up on Australian Beach

It’s the stuff of nightmares. An unidentified creature, alien-looking, with its hideous skull exposed, humanoid hands, and a long tail washed up on a Queensland beach. Authorities are trying to unravel the mystery. Creepy alien-like creature washes up on Australia beach – what is it? A local man out for

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Russia’s ‘Doomsday Machine’ Could Flood Ukraine With Tsunami

While the world worries over a nuclear World War III, experts warn that Russian President Vladimir Putin possesses a “doomsday machine” capable of triggering a 330-foot tsunami that could submerge Ukraine in minutes. Could Putin launch a tsunami-creating doomsday weapon to flood Ukraine? As technology rapidly advances, so do the

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Bugs, the Other Other White Meat?

Going green could mean going buggy. To alter worldwide eating habits and fight climate change, a landmark decision has paved the way for alternative sources of protein – namely insects. Is a bug burger in your future? Landmark decision could put a bug in your burger Scientists and environmental advocates

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Did Nostradamus Predict the Outbreak of World War III?

Could an eerie line in the 59th quatrain of famous seer Nostradamus be a prediction of the start of World War III? If so, it does not bode well for the West. Find out what this prophecy from nearly 600 years ago foresaw. Nostradamus: Who was this famous seer? Michel

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Does Life Flash Before Our Eyes?

Scientists accidentally discovered a never-before-seen phenomenon when a man suddenly died during a routine brain scan, indicating that a memory review of our lives may “flash before our eyes” when we die. Brain scan accidentally captures life flashing before man’s eyes at death During a routine EEG in 2016, unexpectedly,

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Russia Seizes Europe’s Largest Nuclear Plant, EU Calls for UN Meeting

Russia has seized Europe’s largest nuclear plant, and EU leaders and other officials are calling for sanctions and an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council over the attack; plus, the latest Ukraine updates. Russia seizes Europe’s largest nuclear plant, fire now out Russia attacked Europe’s largest nuclear plant

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Top Russian General Killed; War Crimes Investigation

The Ukraine reported a sniper killed a top Russian general, 39 nations request ICC war crimes investigation, civilians targeted says US, race driver donating 1M rounds ammo, White House requests $10B in Ukrainian aid, more updates. Ukrainian sniper takes out top Russian general A Ukrainian sniper reportedly took out one

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UN Condemns Russian Invasion

In an emergency session, the UN voted on a resolution to condemn Russia’s invasion, China says no to sanctioning Russia, Biden announces additional steps to pressure Putin and Russia, and more Ukraine updates. UN votes on a resolution to condemn Russia for Ukraine invasion The United Nations held an emergency

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