Punta Cana, Dominican Republic - June 25, 2018: : sargassum seaweeds on ocean beach in Bavaro, Punta Cana. Due to global warming, the altered ocean current bring sargasso to Dominican Republic coast.

Planning a sunny vacation this summer? Read this first

A foul-smelling, 5,000-mile-wide seaweed blob floating in the Caribbean is already arriving in parts of Florida and has sparked panicked headlines right out of a 1950s horror/sci-fi flick, but authorities have a plan – will it work?

Seaweed monster: Massive, smelly blob washing up in Florida

Headlines such as: “Massive seaweed blob invades Florida beaches!” and “Huge, smelly snake of seaweed headed toward the Caribbean!” Have circulated this week right as the weather warms and people start to plan vacations.

According to reports, this blob of seaweed stretches 5,000 miles wide and is so large it can be seen from outer space. Early reports said it was in the Caribbean heading for Florida, but the latest news says it is already washing ashore, particularly in Key West, Click Orlando reported.

Just what is this blob…

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