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Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office

Police officer and single dad cheated death 3 times

A single-dad sheriff’s deputy is battling for his life after he “died three times” in a freak slow-speed accident in which his patrol car struck a partially opened security gate, piercing the windshield and pinning him to the seat.

Oklahoma sheriff’s deputy “died three times”

The accident occurred as Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy McCain was leaving Oklahoma Christian School in Edmond, where he works as a resource officer, at about 6:50 p.m. He was in his patrol car when his vehicle struck a partially opened school security gate, The Oklahoman reported.

McCain was only moving at about ten miles per hour when his vehicle struck the gate, which pierced the windshield and pinned him to the seat, KOKH reported.

In a moment of good fortune, two off-duty medical workers happened to be at a nearby afterschool event and were able to provide immediate first aid while waiting for first responders, who then rushed McCain to OU Medical Center, the New York Post reported.

“I want to point out that Jeremy died three times that evening,” Sheriff Tommie Johnson III told reporters, adding that “we were able to get him back.”

“That tells you what we’re working with and how grateful we are that he is still here with us,” Johnson continued. “I mean, how big is it when the doctors come out and explain to me the shape he was in and said they had to massage his heart for 10 minutes just to keep him alive.”

“It’s truly a miracle that he is still with us,” Johnson added.

Officer is single father of autistic child

Jeremy McCain is a single father of an autistic boy. He has been with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Department for 11 years.

According to authorities, McCain suffered extensive injuries, which includes a broken neck. However, doctors say they don’t believe McCain suffered any brain damage from the accident or any subsequent treatment, Inside Edition reported.

The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s office shared a photo of McCain on Facebook holding a toy pirate, which they said was a “favorite” of his 7-year-old son, People reported.

“He has a kiddo here who needs his dad,” Sheriff Johnson said, noting that the young boy is autistic. “Jeremy is everything to his kid.”