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National Gas Prices Inching to $3 per Gallon, Could We See $4 by Summer?

Gasoline prices around the nation are nudging toward $3 per gallon, while several states already there in the West and elsewhere, it is predicted that the rest nation will reach $3 by summer, but could some states see $4?

National average for gas nearing $3 dollars

As of Tuesday, April 20, the national average for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline was $2.87, according to the daily AAA calculator of national average gas prices around the nation.

California has the highest gas prices in the nation which are nearly at $4 per gallon of regular unleaded, while Mississippi has the lowest gas prices at $2.57.

In 7 states in the West, as well as Illinois, Alaska and Hawaii, gasoline prices have already exceeded the $3 mark for a gallon of regular. It is widely forecasted that gas prices will continue to inch upward with the national average for a gallon of gasoline reaching $3 by summer. In addition, as a few states in the West are already near or above $3.25 per gallon, there is a possibility that some Western states could see prices at the pump hitting $4 per gallon this summer.

Already, all states in the union have seen gas prices rise above $2.50 per gallon.

What’s the cause of fluctuating gasoline prices?

The pandemic is being blamed for the rise and the fluctuation in prices at the pump. A year ago, as demand for gasoline fell amid lockdowns, gasoline was under $1.50 per gallon in many spots around the country. However, as restrictions ease amid vaccinations, demand for gasoline is climbing and so are prices. More people are expected to travel as temperatures warm, which will increase demand while pushing prices at the pump hire.

A different blend of gasoline is also used during the summer, which cost refineries more to produce, WXYZ 7 Detroit reports.

Where gas is already $3 per gallon

California: $3.97

Hawaii: $3.74

Nevada: $3.41

Washington: $3.38

Oregon: $3.23

Alaska: $3.15

Utah: $3.14

Idaho: $3.09

Arizona: $3.06

Illinois: $3.06

States with the lowest gas prices

Kansas: $2.69

Arkansas: $2.67

Delaware: $2.66

Oklahoma: $2.64

Alabama: $2.63

Missouri: $2.63

North Carolina: $2.62

Louisiana $2.61

South Carolina $2.59

Texas: $2.58

Mississippi: $2.57

States just under $3 per gallon

Pennsylvania: $2.97

Colorado: $2.94

Wyoming: $2.92

New York: $2.89

Connecticut: $2.89

New Jersey: $2.87

New Mexico: $2.85

North Dakota: $2.84

Indiana: $2.83

States with gasoline above $2.75 per gallon

Florida: $2.81

Maine: $2.80

Vermont: $2.79

Michigan: $2.78

Nebraska: $2.78

Rhode Island: $2.78

Montana: $2.77

Iowa: $2.77

North Dakota: $2.76

Maryland: $2.76