A Florida lottery winner has less than a week to claim a $44 million prize before they lose it

This summer, someone walked into a Central Florida gas station and purchased a winning Quick Pick lottery ticket. That person now has less than a week to claim their prize before they forfeit a whopping $44 million.

The unclaimed ticket will expire Monday, December 11, unless the ticket holder comes forward, according to the Florida Lottery. The winning numbers from the June 14 drawing are 09-13-15-46-51-52.

The ticket was purchased at a Sunoco Express gas station in Kissimmee, Florida.

Prizes must be claimed within 180 days of the drawing or the ticket will expire, according to the lottery.

A portion of every Florida Lottery ticket purchased goes to the Educational Enhancement Trust Fund, which funnels into the state’s public education system.

When a ticket expires, state law requires 80 percent of the unclaimed prize go to the education fund. The remaining 20 percent is returned to the prize pool for future prizes.