Haiti Migrant Situation: Major Developments and Shocking Biden Statement

Mason Collins

There are a number of developments regarding the thousands of Haitian immigrants at the US border, including US special envoy to Haiti resigns, DHS horse patrols, shocking Biden statement, and more developments. Biden special envoy to Haiti resigns over “inhumane, counterproductive” treatment and deportation of migrants Daniel Foote, the US …

Not Capable: GOP Reps Introduce 3 Articles of Impeachment against Biden

Mason Collins

Four Republican representatives introduced 3 articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden claiming “he’s not capable of being commander-in-chief” citing his handling of Afghanistan, immigration and more. GOP reps introduce 3 articles of impeachment against President Biden Four Republican representatives including Reps. Bob Gibbs (R-OH), and cosponsors Andy Biggs (R-AZ), …

Tens of Thousands Illegal Migrants Released Across US, Warns Ex-Official

Mason Collins

An ex-ICE official revealed feds are releasing tens of thousands of illegal migrants into and around the US, while the former head of the Border Patrol warns that it’s naïve to think more dangerous bad actors aren’t sneaking in. Tens of thousands being shipped from the border and released throughout …

Remains Consistent with Gabby Petito Found, Police Search Fiancé’s Home

Mason Collins

The FBI confirmed a body found in a Wyoming national Park on Sunday is “consistent with description” of missing 22-year-old Gabby Petito, while FBI issues search warrants on fiancé Brian Laundrie’s and parent’s homes. Body found, likely that of missing woman Gabby Petito The FBI Denver, the National Park Service, …

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