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Young Cop Killed in Ambush in First Shift on Job and More News

A young cop died in an ambush in his first shift on the job, gas prices have nearly doubled in 17 months, Northern lights could be visible in northern latitudes due to solar flare, Superman now bisexual and more news.

Officer killed in ambush attack during first shift on the job

Officer Dylan Harrison, 26, was ambushed outside the Alamo Police Department early on Saturday in Alamo, Georgia. It was his first shift with the department. He was allegedly shot by 43-year-old Damien Ferguson in retaliation for arresting an associate of the shooter in a traffic stop hours earlier, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation said, CBS reports. Ferguson has been charged with murder.

Before becoming a police officer, Harrison had worked in law enforcement since 2018. He was also a firefighter and paramedic.

Solar storm could make Northern lights visible in northern latitudes

An enormous solar flare could affect Earth in several ways on Monday. On the lighter side, the solar storm could make the northern lights visible in the northern latitudes, from New York to Wisconsin to Washington.

On the heavier side, the solar flare could wreak havoc, disrupting power grids and radio, and interfere with low orbit spacecraft, the New York Post reported.

Superman now bisexual: Writer says we don’t need “another straight white Savior”

DC comic writer Tom Taylor revealed on Monday that Superman will start a gay relationship, sharing a kiss with another male in the upcoming “Superman: Son of Kal-El,” the Daily Wire reported

“When I was asked if I wanted to write a new Superman with a new #1 for the DC Universe, I knew replacing Clark with another straight white savior could be a real opportunity missed,” writer Tom Taylor told IGN. “I’ve always said everyone needs heroes and everyone deserves to see themselves in their heroes. Today, Superman, the strongest superhero on the planet, is coming out.”

National gas prices have nearly doubled in 17 months, global energy crisis worsens

As of Tuesday, the US national average for a gallon of unleaded regular was $3.279, according to AAA. Gas prices climbed 7 cents in the past week alone, Local 12 reports. In April 2020, the average gallon of gas was $1.77. The figure is higher in some areas, with northern Kentucky up 14.8 cents and southeast Indiana up 13.1 cents in the past week.

In Cincinnati, prices are nearly double what they were 17 months ago. A year ago, gas in Cincinnati was $1.96 per gallon. US oil prices finished above eighty dollars a barrel on Monday, the highest in nearly 7 years, CNN reported, who attributed the rise to supply not keeping up with demand as the world economy reopens.

California bans sale of gas-powered lawn equipment and other small motor tools

California has banned the sale of new gas-powered lawn equipment such as mowers, blowers, chain saws, and other small motorized tools beginning in 2024. The bill was signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom (D) on Monday. Under the law, all small motor equipment is required to be zero-emission by 2024 or as soon as the California Air Resources Board determines it is feasible to make the transition, the Blaze reported.

New gas-powered generators will be required to be zero-emission by 2028. All such equipment will be required to be battery-powered or electrical (plug-in). The ban does not apply to on-road motor vehicles, off-road motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles, boats, snowmobiles, model airplanes, or cars. However, California has previously passed a law requiring all new vehicles to be zero-emission by 2030.