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Utah citizens are told to go eat frogs

Officials from the Utah Department of Natural Resources are telling residents that bullfrogs are “tasty” and are encouraging citizens to consume them to help reduce this invasive species. But do frogs really taste like chicken?

Utah officials want citizens to eat bullfrogs

The Utah Department of Natural Resources is encouraging citizens to consider some alternative sources of protein, one that they say, despite appearances, is really tasty: Bullfrogs, an invasive species they want to reduce.

As part of National Invasive Species Awareness Week, Utah wildlife officials tweeted a reminder that bullfrogs are an invasive species in Utah. They want citizens to catch and eat as many as they would like, Yahoo reports.

“There is no limit and no season on bullfrogs in Utah,” Ja Eggett, a Lee Kay Public Shooting Range Facilities and Grounds Supervisor, wrote for the wildlife department in a 2019 blog post. “A license is not required to catch them, but because you will likely be using fishing gear – and might catch fish in the process of trying to catch frogs – you should have a fishing license while pursuing frogs.”

What do frogs taste like?

The standard line when it comes to describing the flavor of frog legs is that they “taste like chicken.” While that has become a running joke in describing many types of foods, due to the mild flavor and texture of frog legs, it turns out that similarity to chicken wings is an apt description.

“Others think they taste like fish,” said Eggett, who described them as tasting like chicken but only a little chewier. “So, if you like chicken and fish like I do, you’ll love the taste of frog legs.”

Frog legs are enjoyed around the world, and some nations, such as Vietnam, raise frogs commercially like they do other livestock, health benefits times reports.

Is frog meat good for you?

Is frog meat healthy for humans to eat? Is there any danger in eating frog meat? Some are poisonous, right? These questions and more hop up when one thinks about consuming these amphibians.

It is true that not all frogs are edible, and for the ones that are, the legs are the part of the frog that most people around the world consume. In fact, they are considered to be a delicacy when it comes to French and Chinese cuisine.

Nutritionally speaking, frog legs are rich in protein, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin A, and potassium.

How to catch and cook bullfrogs

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources is not only encouraging citizens to consume frog meat, but they are also helping out by offering some recipes for preparing bullfrogs, as well as this article on “how to catch and cook bullfrogs.”

Many people cook bullfrogs the same way they do fried chicken or fish.

-First, marinate the frog legs in either buttermilk or some other marinade (enough to submerge the frog legs).

-Apply a breading mix (enough to fully coat the legs). You can use a batter similar to a fish fry, beer batter, or even Shake ‘n Bake.

-Fry the frog legs in your favorite cooking oil, adding enough for the legs to float.

Visit the Utah wildlife website for the full recipe and cooking instructions.