Little League Baseball

Unexpected Little League Moment, This Will Restore Your Faith in Humanity

Sometimes kids can show surprising levels of empathy, showing the rest of us what it means to be kind. A heartwarming moment at a Little League championship game was a stellar example of sportsmanship and a reminder that, ultimately, we’re all on the same team.

Little League pitcher nails batter in the head

A heartwarming moment occurring during a Little League baseball game has gone viral. It began with an incident in which a batter was struck in the head by a pitch. What happened next as the hitter headed to the mound shocked everyone.

With a spot in the Little League World Series on the line in the Southwest Region championship game, nerves on both sides were tense during the first inning on Tuesday in Waco, Texas.

Pitcher Kaiden Shelton of Pearland, Texas, hurled a fastball, and hitter Isaiah Jarvis of Tulsa, Oklahoma, leaned away to get away from the wild pitch. Unfortunately, it still struck him on the ear flap of his helmet. Jarvis dropped to the ground, clutching his head, the New York Post reported.

If this was major league baseball, we know what might’ve happened next. But, eventually, Jarvis stood, and with his head cleared, he dusted himself off and trotted over to first base. He seemed to be OK. But although he was fine, the same couldn’t be said of Shelton.

The batter made a beeline for the mound… And did something shocking

On the mound, pitcher Shelton was upset with himself. He stood there staring at the ground.

Standing on first base, Jarvis noticed Shelton was in tears.

Jarvis called for time, and then made a beeline toward the mound. Had this been major league baseball, it would have been a sign of potential trouble or a bench-clearing brawl. But what Jarvis did next shocked the whole stadium.

Jarvis wrapped his arms around Shelton and gave the pitcher a hug. Then offered words of encouragement.

“Hey, you’re doing just great,” Jarvis said to Shelton. “Let’s go.” Then Jarvis returned to first base.

Then something even more unexpected happened

Jarvis’s gesture spurred the rest of Pearland’s infield to go to the mound, as well as the coach, consoling Shelton as well.

The gesture drew a standing ovation, ABC 7 reported.

Pearland continued, defeating Tulsa 9-4 and advancing to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania, next week.

See the video here.

Social media lit up with praise for the children, both for their sportsmanship and display of humanity, including professional athletes and politicians weighing in.

Many hoped this lesson might rub off on professional sports, politics, and the nation as a whole.