Huge Wait List to Stay in Motel Room of Alabama Fugitives

Morbid or weird? At least 70 people so far have signed up on a waiting list to stay in the same motel room where Alabama fugitives prison guard Vicky White and murder suspect Casey White stayed before capture.

Waiting list for motel room where Alabama fugitives stayed

While many of us might think it is strange to want to sleep in a room where two fugitives from the law stayed, one of them a murder suspect is weird or morbid, the fascination is way more common than you might think.

People like to stay in Room 443 of the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs, Alabama, where infamous gangster Al Capone regularly stayed in a suite and wintered out the entire fourth floor, THV 11 reports.

Probably one of the most morbid is people who like to stay where Night Stalker serial killer Richard Ramirez stayed in LA (see below).

Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising that people are clamoring to stay in the motel room where two recent fugitives, former Alabama corrections officer Vicky White and the murder suspect she helped escape, Casey White (no relation) stayed at an Indiana motel for a few days while they were holed up from the law.

Waiting list for fugitives’ motel room is growing, even room next door

At least 70 people have signed up to a waiting list to rent room 150 at Motel 41 in Evansville, Indiana, where Casey and Vicky White stayed, and had booked the room for 14 days. The numbers have since been stolen from the door.

While the regular room rate at motel 41 is $63, due to the demand the room is being rented for between $75 and $100 per night. In fact, a motel clerk who wanted to remain anonymous told ABC News outlet WAAY 31, that demand is so high people even want to stay in the room next door, room 149, which is already rented 14 days in advance.

Police captured the fugitives on May 9, after the pair had been on the run for 11 days. Casey White was taken into custody, but Vicky White took her own life at the scene with a self-inflicted gunshot wound, Fox reported.

Sleeping in the room of a killer and other infamous places to stay

If you are extremely daring, one of the creepiest places in America you can rent a room is the Cecil Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, notorious for its transient guests that have included serial killers. Gruesome deaths abound in the building, and the door has four locks. Its most famous temporary resident was Richard Ramirez, the “Night Stalker,” who is not the first or only serial killer to stay there. The hotel is only a block and a half away from the main drag of LA’s depression-ridden skid row.

Historical hotel rooms in big demand

Historical places to sleep are big businesses worldwide, attracting people who want to experience a bit of history, sleep at a landmark where a famous or infamous person slept, or even strange places like oil rigs or lighthouses, or rooms that might be haunted.

For example, if you want to go back in time, you can sleep in an 1860 log cabin. All types of hotels and motels operate along the historic Route 66. You can even sleep in treehouses, bubbles, and ice hotels.