Amy Robach attends the Breast Cancer Research Foundation New York Luncheon at New York Hilton Midtown on October 27, 2022

GMA co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach allegedly had months-long affair

Instead of reporting the news, GMA co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are making news as PDA photos emerge that show the two allegedly had a months-long affair. Both have been married to their spouses for 12 years.

GMA co-hosts on-screen chemistry boils over into off-stage affair

Pundits say the on-screen chemistry between Good Morning America (GMA) co-hosts T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach is undeniable since they were paired during the lunchtime segment two years ago.

Now, not only are rumors swirling of an offscreen romance, public display of affection (PDA) photos of the couple cozying up have emerged.

In an exclusive from the Daily Mail, photos showed the two enjoying flirty post-work drinks at a New York City bar earlier this month, as well as holding hands in an Uber.

“They have a very cozy relationship on air, but that is what is expected,” a source told Page Six on Wednesday, adding that the romance began in March. “They were very careful behind the scenes to keep their affair secret.”

The source also said both Robach and Holmes separated from their spouses in August.

Now, as more evidence of a relationship begins to surface, people are noticing that previous posts from the pair appear to have some flirtatious undertones.

“Yep, head of ABC News had to fly all the way to LA to make sure we were behaving,” Holmes wrote in an Instagram photo he shared posing alongside Robach and President of ABC News Kim Godwin.

Homes and Robach have both been married to their respective spouses for 12 years

Amy Robach, 49, has been married to her husband, former Melrose Place actor Andrew Shue, 55, since 2010.

T.J. Holmes, 45, has been married to his estranged wife, Marilee Fiebig, 44, an immigration lawyer, for 12 years as well.

In March 2020, Holmes posted a 10th-anniversary tribute to Marilee, in which he “jokingly” captioned photos from their wedding about giving her “plenty of reasons, excuses, and opportunities” to leave their marriage, adding: “And despite my best efforts, she remained married to me the past 10 years.”

“That’s not hyperbole. I’m not being dramatic,” Holmes continued. “I gave her plenty of reasons, excuses, and opportunities to walk … out the doooooooor.”

The couple shares a nine-year-old daughter Sabine, Page Six reported. Holmes also has two other children he shares with ex Amy Fershon.