Florida Man Spots Two UFOs off the Coast, Sparking New Interest in UFOlogy


The existence of unidentified flying objects isn’t in dispute–there have been enough sightings over the years to suggest that something is up there. What is in dispute is what these objects actually are. Some theorists claim that flying saucers seen in the sky must be evidence of alien life visiting Earth in extremely advanced spaceships. Others contend that there are scientific explanations for these UFOs, but that those explanations aren’t always readily apparent.

Recently, a Florida man has captured footage of what he claims are two UFOs off the coast of the Southern state. William Fuentes sent footage of two flying orbs of light over Palm Coast to a local news station. UFOlogists have pointed out that 2020 saw a huge spike in reports of UFOs, with some 7,200 sightings in the previous calendar year alone.

William Fuentes UFO Video

In Fuentes’ video, a pair of fast-moving glowing orbs can be seen darting through the night sky. While these objects do literally fit the criteria of UFOs, in that they are flying and unidentified, it’s hard to draw any conclusions about them from the footage shot by Fuentes.

In the case of videos like this, the best way to review them is to use a logical tactic called Occam’s Razor. Occam’s Razor is best illustrated with the following thought experiment: if you’re standing in the middle of a field in the midwestern United States and you hear hoofbeats behind you, what animal do you think you will turn around and see? If your first thought is a horse, why are you not thinking of a zebra? Like horses, zebras have hooves and could make the sound you’re hearing.

The reason you think of a horse before you think of a zebra is that in the United States you’re unlikely to encounter such an exotic creature. Of course, the reverse would be true if you were standing in the African savannah and heard hoofbeats.

Searching for the Truth?

The presence of an undetected alien species investigating humanity seems unlikely at best. The vast distances between Earth and other habitable planets in the galaxy make the concept of a biological life form visiting us extremely unlikely. Moreover, the arrival of an alien spaceship would likely be extremely difficult for any given government to cover up.

For instance, what’s to stop a country with no interest in the international community from simply leaking the existence of such alien visitors?

The unlikelihood of the arrival of aliens hasn’t stopped enthusiasts from looking at the sky in wonder, however.