Fisherman Attacked by Four Crocodiles Survives by Ramming Arm in Mouth

In a nightmarish scenario, a man fishing for his dinner is unaware that four crocodiles are stealthily approaching him, hidden in the grass. They suddenly attack him. How he miraculously survived after friends rushed to help.

Four crocodiles hiding in the grass attack fisherman

Alexander Chimedza was preparing to fish for his supper. He began by looking for worms to use as live bait. He would never manage to beat his hawk and get his fishing line in the water.

As he was bent over, digging, he was unaware that adjacent to him, hidden in the tall grass, four scaly predators were stealthily stalking him, the Mirror reported.

With his hands down sifting leaves around, the first crocodile sprang on him, grabbing him by the hand, and throwing him into the water. The croc then began its notorious “death spiral,” disorienting him to his bearings and surroundings.

Then another crocodile snatched his other hand, and he was spun around further in the water, Alexander told the Herald. Realizing his arm would soon be broken, he momentarily stopped resisting, allowing the crocodile to rotate him around.

Bad situation gets 4 times worse

If being attacked by two crocodiles wasn’t bad enough, two other killer reptiles joined in. One croc grabbed him by the thigh, and the other by his Achilles tendon, breaking it.

Fearing for his life and assuming all was lost, his hope was suddenly rejuvenated.

Fishermen’s miraculous survival with help from friends

Stones started flying in toward the crocodiles, as Alexander’s friends started raining down large rocks on the reptiles.

In the stoning, one crocodile released its grip on Alexander’s hand. With one hand free, he made a daring move and plunged his hand deep into the mouth of one crocodile.

“As I thrust my hand into the crocodile’s mouth some of the stones that were being thrown from the outside must have hit the crocodile,” Alexander said. “That, coupled with the large volumes of water that flowed into its mouth, must have led to its death because it let me go and I saw it seeming lifeless afterward.”

From the water’s edge, his friends on shore extended a stick for Alexander to grab, and they pulled him to safety.

Alexander was rushed to Kariba District Hospital in Zimbabwe where he was stabilized. He was then transferred to Mutenderi Hospital.

On the long road to recovery, Alexander spent the past forty days undergoing several major operations, including the attachments of metal plates and skin graft procedures. He is expected to recover but will lose the movement in one of his arms.

In addition to thanking his friends for saving him from the jaws of the hungry crocodiles, he also credited his wife, Primrose, for helping him recover through the traumatic medical procedures.

“My wife has been behind me 100%,” Alexander said. “If it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t be able to survive.”