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Doctor, 83, Fathers Baby with Wife, 35, Preparing Son for When He’s Gone

An 83-year-old physician, who fathered a child with his 35-year-old wife, knows his time is short and says he is preparing the infant now for the skills his son will need in the future. Some are criticizing the doctor’s age.

83-year-old father’s child with 35-year-old wife

How old is too old to have a child? Some people view it as unfair or selfish to bring a child into the world when one of their parents is unlikely to live long enough to see them grow up. That’s the question surrounding a recent controversial birth.

Physician and nutrition expert Alberto Cormillot has become a father at the age of 83 after his wife Estefania Pasquini, 35, gave birth to a baby boy. She received fertility treatment in order to get pregnant.

Dr. Cormillot acknowledges that he is unlikely to see his son graduate high school. In an article originally published by The Sun that went viral at the New York Post, Cormillot said he lives each day knowing he won’t get to see his son grow up.

“I’m aware that life is not infinite,” Dr. Cormillot said. “That little guy’s here and I’m going to accompany him until a certain moment.”

Dr. Cormillot was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2012. However, he says all traces of the tumor were removed by surgery. His first wife, Monika Arborgast, died in 2017. The couple had two adult sons who have given him three granddaughters.

Preparing son for life without his father

Dr. Cormillot, his current wife, and their new son, Emilio, live in Argentina. He says he’s taking a number of steps to prepare his son for when he is gone, Unilad reported.

Even though Emilio is only nine months old, the doctor is already a hands-on father, teaching the baby to play the organ as well as teaching him to speak Mandarin. He’s also teaching his son how to crawl.

Cormillot has already taken the extra step of hiring a private tutor to continue to teach his son the Chinese language after he is gone. The teacher comes twice a week and talks to the boy, as well as sings and plays for him in Mandarin.

“As it [Mandarin) is the language of the future, I want him to get used to hearing it as a child and he will find it easier to learn it better when he grows up,” Cormillot says.

One of the personal touches the doctor is taking is recording messages that his son can use for help throughout his life.

Cormillot is using apps such as Senate or WhatsApp to record audio and video messages. He’s established a phone number for his son where he sends WhatsApp videos.

“I don’t over-dramatize things,” the doctor says. “I just record the reality of life.”