Truth Jones

Boy Self-Made Millionaire at 11–Now 14, Makes $100K a Month Teaching Others

An African-American boy, a self-made millionaire before middle school, is now 14 and earns $100K each month as a motivational speaker, day trader, and author. He’s now teaching others how to invest. This is his amazing story!

Boy becomes author at age 8

“Black mom raises genius day trader,” was how a headline for the Miami Times heralded then 13-year-old Christon ‘The Truth’ Jones last year, as a business person, entrepreneur, international speaker, and author.

But to get the full scope of just how amazing Jones’ story is, one must start from the beginning.

At the mere age of 8, Christon ‘The Truth’ Jones from Mississippi, wrote his first book entitled The Win Within. The book was inspired by his personal experiences of enduring bullying from teammates while playing sports. It also expresses his faith in God.

He wrote the book in hopes that he might help other children who were stuck in a similar situation, UNILAD reported.

His mother, Janel, helped him to publish the book. It was an immediate success. After just 90 days, in which Jones sold his book door-to-door, he earned $5000 in book sales.

By the age of 10, he was certified as an international best-selling author, face2face Africa reported, due to the Jones family having taken an online mastermind course called Truth Success Series.

Jones learns day trading at age 10, making six figures by age 11

At the age of ten, Truth Jones, who is homeschooled, read a story about a 14-year-old investor who made $50,000. His mom took an investing class, and Truth soaked it all in as well, Black Business reports.

Truth absorbed all the skills and was fully bitten by the investing bug. But due to his age, his mom still needed to make all the trades. Nonetheless, in a few months, Truth began to make $1000 a day for ten consecutive days and had earned $10,000.

By age 11, Truth was pulling in over six figures!

Now 14, Jones is a self-made millionaire earning $100K monthly teaching others

In just three years since getting started in investing, Jones says he has now earned $1 million.

Continuing with his entrepreneurial spirit, Truth Jones is taking what he has learned and is helping others.

Jones started a business, The Truth Speaks where he offers the Truth Success Series, a number of courses that teach people how to get started in investing.

Truth says his mission in life is to help 1000 people become successful, and that he does this one stock at a time, espact reported.

Jones has also started a nonprofit organization called Truth Playmakers, an initiative he launched with his younger sister, Bailey, that has “a mission to empower, inspire and guide gifted youth in the direction of creating generational wealth utilizing their gifts and talents.”