Authorities Launch Manhunt for Murder Suspect at Large


Officials in South Carolina have launched a manhunt to search for a murder suspect who is at large in the state. The suspect, a man named Tyler Terry (26) evaded police capture on Monday after a high-speed chase ended in a car accident. Terry has been able to evade detection even as police use helicopters and dogs to search for him.

Police started with a perimeter of 200 officers in the area they believe they’ve cornered Terry. Overnight, that force grew to 300 officers, and authorities are confident they will be able to flush the suspect out and bring him into custody.

Manhunt Underway

The manhunt includes resources from numerous police departments in the area. The Charlotte, North Carolina, division of the ATF is committing units to help with the effort as well. The FBI has lent helicopters to the search as Chester County and Greenville County police engage in their ongoing search.

Residents in Chester County have been warned to stay inside and lock their doors, as Terry is to be considered armed and dangerous. He is suspected of a quadruple homicide, which is why police are seeking to bring him into custody.

Residents who see Terry are encouraged to contact the authorities with information about his whereabouts. If you see him, do not attempt to intercept him or speak with him, simply wait for the authorities to arrive to handle the situation.

Row by Row

Police are searching methodically through their perimeter. On Twitter, the police department has emphasized that they are confident that Terry is within their search perimeter, effectively “cornered” by the ever-shrinking police cordon.

Terry is accused of discharging a weapon at police during the high-speed chase that led to his escape. While Terry himself was able to evade police capture, the driver of the vehicle, Adrienne Simpson, 34, was apprehended. Simpson’s husband, Eugene, went missing on May 2, and his remains were found in a ditch on Wednesday. Terry is suspected to have murdered Eugene Simpson, but that is simply speculation at this time.

As police search the area thoroughly, residents are warned to be vigilant about their properties. Residents with barns or similar structures near their homes that are not frequently inspected should be aware that someone could be hiding out in them. Since Terry is assumed to be armed and dangerous, an encounter with him is inadvisable: stay clear of any remote areas and contact the police if you see suspicious activity.