57 tornados reported over the weekend, leaving at least 32 people dead

At least 57 tornadoes ripped through 8 states, from an outbreak on Friday throughout the Midwest and South, and in the East on Saturday. The death toll rose to 32, with several more days of severe weather coming starting Monday.

At least 57 tornadoes in 8 states, death toll rises to 32

A storm outbreak on Friday spawned tornadoes in at least 8 states across the Midwest and South, with 57 tornadoes sightings reported, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

By Sunday, the death toll had risen to 32, with dozens more hospitalized, CNN reported.

In Illinois, storms collapsed the roof of a packed concert venue, the Apollo Theater in Belvidere, killing at least one, BuzzFeed News reported. Indiana State police reported at least three fatalities. At least fifteen deaths were reported across Tennessee, with nine in McNairy County, and three in Shelby County, CBS News reported.

At least four people died from storms in Wynne, Arkansas, where the statewide death toll rose to 15 on Sunday.

On Saturday, at least one person was killed by a suspected tornado that caused a structure to collapse in Greenwood, Delaware.

This latest round of storms comes a week after another severe tornado-spawning storm ripped through the Southeast, killing at least 26, while destroying much of Rolling Fork, Mississippi.

Severe weather risks for at least the next three days

Additional rounds of severe weather are expected beginning on Monday and continuing over the next several coming days, with a massive outbreak and very significant risk levels on Tuesday.

Here’s a look at the current forecast from the Storm Prediction Center (SPC) of the NOAA.

Monday: A Level 2 severe weather risk over southern Alabama, southwestern Georgia, and the northern Florida Panhandle.

Tuesday: A massive risk area of severe weather stretches from Texas to the Great Lakes with at least 15 states under warnings including Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Texas.

The highest risk is a Level 4 over central and eastern Iowa, western Illinois, and northeastern Missouri. A Level 3 risk over portions of Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas.

A Level 4, or moderate risk, means long-lived widespread, numerous storms, “some of which should be intense. This risk is usually reserved for days with several supercells producing intense tornadoes and/or very large hail, or an intense squall line with widespread damaging winds,” according to the SPC.

Wednesday: Strong weather in the East, with a Level 2 severe weather risk over at least 7 states including parts of Kentucky, West Virginia, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New York.